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Great Advice

A visual and verbal system to unify Morningstar’s data, research, and products across a multi-channel narrative celebrating great investing advice for investors.

Close collaboration with Ryun Patterson to build a systematic creative platform that unified content and design dynamically across all touchpoints.


This work realigned our marketing efforts across Morningstar properties to bring forth a unified point-of-view for customers.



Light Wall: Brand

This back-lit wall established the core messaging and visual language of the campaign as it welcomed attendees into the general session space at the 2019 Morningstar Investment Conference.

Light Box: Morningstar Office Cloud

A series of lightboxes highlighting our products, recent acquisitions, and integrations radiantly extended this messaging throughout the exhibit hall.

Light Box: PitchBook

The vibrant color gradients evoke a sense of light and optimism, while being complemented by strong, clean typography to accentuate the content.

Light Box: Morningstar and Mercer

Our messaging embraced a wry sense of humor to forge a conversational, authentic connection that understood client needs without talking down to them.


Animated by Isaac Day

This three-screen video looped campaign messaging between general sessions at the Morningstar Investment Conference. While I developed the visual direction and narrative structure, close collaboration with Isaac Day on motion (both its design and production) and with Ryun Patterson on content produced a succinct brand piece that galvanized the campaign’s ethos.


Goal Brige: Print

An example of a product-driven advertisement for the launch of Morningstar’s Goal Bridge.


An example of a research-driven advertisement for The Investor Success Project.


Goal Bridge: Digital

This creative was extended for the digital experience that supported our Goal Bridge marketing efforts.

Landing Page

A modified version of our standard landing page was created to provide cohesion for users entering the campaign.


Goal Brige

We collaborated with our CEO to write a piece that made the elements of this campaign actionable for advisors to implement into their practice, fostering positive industry-wide change.


To promote our CEO’s piece, we ran a weekly social campaign highlighting each of the seven elements with a mix of static and animated assets.


Light Box: Modular

After the initial conference, a modular lightbox system was created as an adaptive solution for reuse at external events. A larger lightbox provided general brand messaging while a smaller lightbox could complement it with specific messaging tailored for that event and audience.