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I design with intent—to elevate my design solutions with conceptual, visual, and emotional rigor.

Zach Sherwood


Curious to a fault.

I thrive off content. The more material, strategy, and data you can feed me, the more I long to explore and understand the problem—because when design and content thoughtfully align, that’s when truly memorable creative emerges.

Morningstar Magazine: Detail

Morningstar Magazine.

Morningstar Workpalce

Workplace mural for Morningstar.

Rise Up Campaign

Rise Up campaign for Morningstar.

Light Wall: Brand

Technology at Morningstar.


Chase integrity, not trends.

I unearth aesthetics. When you can imbue every design decision with meaning, new visual languages emerge—unique to the problem itself. Not derived by taste and artificial constraints, but by allowing ingenuity and authenticity to rise to the forefront.

Investor Success Project

Investor Success Project for Morningstar.

The New Sustainability

The New Sustainability campaign for Morningstar.

Morningstar Magazine: Data Dashboard

Morningstar Magazine.

Baby Bonds

Baby Bonds for Morningstar.


Revel in the process.

I love to create. Of course, good design requires rigor, restraint, and a lot of thought—but we create for people, sometimes intuition and play works too. Bending (or shattering) the system is sometimes worthwhile to connect with that humanity.

Light Wall: Brand

Pizza for Everyone spread.

Light Wall: Brand

Pride for Morningstar

Light Wall: Brand

Great Advice campaign for Morningstar

Light Wall: Brand

Pizza for Everyone detail.