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Pizza for Everyone

A community cookbook of recipes and essays on pizza, Chicago, and pizza in Chicago—all to help local nonprofits assist marginalized communities during the pandemic.

Close collaboration with editor John Carruthers to develop a creative direction that celebrated authorial voice with wit and humor.


Bespoke illustrations anchored the identity for each piece while playful layouts emerged within the restrained typographic voice.



Pizza for Everyone: Cover

Enclosed in 200 comb-bound pages, the cover boldly establishes the strong graphic aesthetic that flows throughout the publication.

Pizza for Everyone: Opening Spread

Visual tropes inspired by Chicago and pop culture unlocked a level of joy and welcome for all readers regardless of culinary expertise.

Pizza for Everyone: Articles

With over 50 contributors, our loose approach to the editorial and design nurtured the individual quirks of each author and their content structure.

Pizza for Everyone: Articles

Inspired by community cookbooks of yesteryear, a single size and weight of monospaced type provided restraint that inspired a range of playful layouts.

Pizza for Everyone: Articles

Despite the variety of creative solutions, a strict baseline grid and design system united all content with craft and readability.

Pizza for Everyone: Closing Spread

As of date, all profits collected from the sale of this through Crust Fund Pizza has helped raise over $XX,000 for nonprofits throughout Chicago.