Rise Up

A multi-channel brand campaign for Morningstar built upon their brand narrative and user research to activate their mission around the advocacy and empowerment of all investors.

Close collaboration with Nilay Ghandi to build a campaign that celebrated the power of investing while increasing brand metrics.


The photography of Paul D’Amato was the foundation of the campaign—capturing the diverse range of investors and their stories.



Rise Up

Rise Up was Morningstar’s first-ever brand campaign. A message of empowerment to help more people build long-term value through saving and investing, leading them to independence and, eventually, giving them the financial freedom to live their lives as they choose.

The visual direction was built around the upward energy from the rising sun motif of their logotype to promote ideas of optimism, inclusion, and independence.



We created a series of personas that illuminated the many different types of investors that Morningstar serves which we used to direct our interviews, scouting, and on-location photoshoots.


Rise Up: Digital

We used a data-driven approach to test, optimize, and deploy a programmatic digital campaign targeting both individual investors and financial professionals.

Here’s an example of the messaging used for individual investors.


Goal Bridge: Digital

Individual investors: product marketing.

Goal Bridge: Digital

Financial professionals: product marketing.