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The New Sustainability

A visual and verbal system for Morningstar to reframe the conversation around sustainable investing, challenging industry clichés to empower investors with clarity and choice.

Close collaboration with Ryun Patterson to create a malleable visual framework that reinforced the dynamism of his content strategy.


The visual direction purposely separated itself from common industry tropes about sustainability as to not embellish our message.



The New Sustainability was Morningstar’s vision for the future of long-term investing based around the combination of investing success and personalized impact. Whereas other companies suggest that investors had to choose between income and idealism, The New Sustainability told investors they could choose both.


Sustainable investing is more than just the environment—it can be many things—and we wanted our landing page to show investors that they had the power to realize their own personal vision.

Individual topic pages extended this messaging by providing research and action for investors that spoke to a diverse range of investor interests and trends.


Whereas other companies focused solely on the environmental aspect of sustainability with images of wind turbines and the use of green, we did not want to patronize investors, but rather present our premise objectively as a means of empowerment.

Misunderstanding around sustainability led many investors to question its relevance, this campaign wanted to establish it as a legitmate field that affects all portfolios—that it’s not just a fad—but the future of long-term investing in our ever-changing world.


portfolio map

Primarily a digital platform, the campaign’s reliance on motion to reveal the concept had challenged our visual framework when it came to print.

Thus, we had to translate the time-based approach for static applications to maintain the intent of the visual language and the narrative flow of the messaging.


Goal Bridge: Digital

At the 2021 Morningstar Investor Conference, we created a narrative journey mapped to the flow of our attendees through the conference. At registration, we introduced the concept and defined its components for general awareness.

Goal Bridge: Digital

We then applied a series of timely investing topics to the framework as contextual examples to actualize the concept.

Goal Bridge: Digital

These were placed beyond registration to encourage attendees to internalize the concept, so they can begin a dialogue with clients.

Landing Page

Lastly, we collaborated with our CEO to integrate The New Sustainability into the opening keynote of the conference.